Marketing View™

Industry-Leading Marketing Automation

For companies that need better marketing results, Marketing View provides the innovative marketing automation tools necessary to succeed in today's world of ever-changing online marketing. That innovation is key to helping your company move faster, create more effective marketing campaigns and drive the incremental revenue needed for your business to grow.

Marketing View enables you to execute typical campaigns with emails and landing pages much faster than competitors while allowing you to tap into powerful tools that go far beyond the basics. See your campaign ideas come to life and automate time consuming targeting, nurturing, and notification processes that you may manually manage now. Virtually every aspect of your marketing can be improved and tied together—from your email targeting and form building to content marketing and web analytics.

What is Marketing Automation

Action Studio

Action Studio™ is the most powerful set of multi-channel marketing automation tools available. These tools enable users to create significantly faster and more efficient creation nurturing campaigns. Its drag-and-drop interface also provides unique access to behavioral and contact data when creating automated and personalized nurturing paths—ultimately helping to create more sales—ready leads that produce revenue.


Now we can build campaigns with unprecedented targeting capabilities and deliver those leads in real-time to our internal sales teams or partner network. With the ROI functionality we can then determine which campaigns and which channels are the most profitable for us.

— Eran Farajun, Asigra

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